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could've been better

lmao. it was pretty funny, but the voices weren't that good ;[
just improve the voices, and make it a bit longer and ppl would like it.
EX. when he falls so many storys on the railing, he should scream, nt just say ouch, my balls.
Pretty good all in all.

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How to put this into words...

Honestly, I could feel most if not all of the emotions put into this very enlightening track. I'm glad to have put the time in to listen to this. I really loved the progression of the song, the shifts actually messed with my head for a bit xD But in all seriousness, I did take your advice on the walk and like I said before, I was enlightened...Inspired a bit. The song brought back lots of emotions I haven't felt in awhile and lots of memories. It was definitely an experience. I haven't heard music like this in awhile, so it was pretty refreshing to go back into it, for that longass walk I had with this on REPEAT :D I got to give you props on this one. Although this may not be the best music review out there, I hope it helps. I honestly can't wait to hear more from you and your upcoming album! Thanks for putting this up!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Every single review always helps as long as it isn't just, "Woo this dog this Is good" lol. You went for a walk? AWESOME. If you go for a walk, it really helps you go into deep thought and truly let this track seep into your mind. It's actually considered a form of meitational excersise. You putting my 16 minute song on loop makes me feel nice :3 I'm very glad you were able to feel those awesome things. Thanks for your review!


Dang, this is AMAZING. I really like the drums! Keep this up man!


Dang, you're killing it in this song! This made my night! Legit shit here. Badass man, great stuff. Keep it coming! Hopefully I can finish Reloaded Necessity sooner or later.

DeathMetalGod responds:

Thank you!

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this is just....amazing. that's all i can say at this point. simply amazing.

0kandie0 i think the figure at the background might be p-bot, but i'm not sure.

Nekow responds:

Thanks! Yeah, it's p-bot alright.

it's not a piece of shit

Nah dude/dudette, it's not a piece of shit. you're a lot better than i am at using paint and other programs like that on the computer. kudos.

gamenovice19 responds:

Thanks for the 8 and i just used the window 7 version of paint
btw i am a dude


w8...does she fly for the hamburgers? and if she does, can u ask her to grab me some? i haven't had a quality burger in awhile...thanks :D
but srsly, i rlly do like your art. they're awesome

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