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I'm a lazy aura-seeing, judo practicing, guitar playing Filipino. Get over it.

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Has anyone watched the show, movie, episodes, etc. or anything for that matter that has anything to do with Cowboy Bebop? Well, if you haven't then get the fuck out of the shithole you live in and get off your ass and go to your computer and look that shit up! Instead of wasting precious moments of your life jacking off, go do yourself a favor and WATCH this shit! For those of you who have, congratulations, I now respect you. But seriously though, I honestly think that the show/the whole franchise of Cowboy Bebop is just...miraculous. I loved breaking the rules as a kid going on Adult Swim (and seeing very inappropriate things) and watching this badass show along with Lupin III, Big O, etc. I just got the episodes themselves and the movie, and I have been wasting my time eventfully and to good use. The movie itself was really good and I must say it was definitely worth not getting any sleep at all watching all 26 episodes of Cowboy Bebop along with the Movie itself for hours on end.

Cowboy Bebop

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